About Us

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Skeena Exterior Cleaning & Coatings was founded by Local Indigenous Entrepreneur, Innovator & Youth Mentor Reid Skelton-Morven.

We have made it our vision and our mission to recreate jobs once lost in the communities of Northwestern BC , as well as solve problems in those communities. 

These problems ranging from clogged gutters, streaked windows, and even  mildew, mold & moss growth on the roofing and siding of homes.

Not only do these problems bring down the appearance & even the value of your home, but can also eventually cause thousands of dollars in damages, and in some cases, a complete loss of home insurance coverage.

Let SECC help make our region & neighborhoods that much more appealing, and help our very climactic & weathered Northwestern BC communities Thrive! 


At SECC we are committed to solving problems for homeowners,  while creating jobs in the communities we serve.

 We also strive to make our services affordable and accessible, while paying our staff & subcontractors competitive wages and rates to boost local business and support growing families like ours in Northwestern BC.